The Illuminator

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The Illuminator is a collaborative political art project which was created in the context of Occupy Wall Street. As a horizontally-managed project, we own two powerful projectors and two heavily-modified vehicles which are used to generate spectacles and interventions in New York City and beyond.

The best place for more info on The Illuminator is our facebook page and website where you will find media, contacts, and more.

This short video by Alex Mallis shows the creation and maiden voyage of our bike projector, the Green Lumen.

Artists rendering of our projecto-van by Issac Moylan.

The projector strapped to our custom periscope, coming through the top of the van.

A still from the night we projected Tax Evaders, a project directed by our friend Gan Golan.

Some folks enjoying playing Tax Evaders with a wireless controller. We projected the game onto CitiBank in Union Square.

This took place on BAM the night of the Boston Marathon Bombing. The sweet light-up lettering is by our friend Athena of the Light Brigade.

@ Cooper Union during student strike, top floor was occupied by student activists.

Solidarity projection during Ferguson mass protests.

Evidence of the risk involved.

Resources / Downloads

This is constantly under development, so check out my GitHub account for the latest code and releaseses. Or, directly download the People's Pad software and the basic projection mapping application I made (both free for non-commercial use and only run on OSX).