Dell Lightbox

In 2014, Dell contacted me, Matt Starr, and Jack Langerman to create an experience at the Lightbox in Lower Manhattan. It was a weekend-long party that featured Dell’s new 4k touchscreen laptops. We created a Kinect-driven 3d gif booth, an interactive room which tracked the optical flow of participants to create beautiful visual art, an oil painting app for the touch screens, and more. Along with the fantastic painter Aerosyn-Lex, we projected his process onto the 80 foot walls inside the Lightbox.

Role: Co-technical director (w Jack Langerman) and installationĀ (openFrameworks, Processing, Leap Motion, Max/MSP, Arduino, various other hardware and software libraries)


Arte Fuse – Dell brings Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic to Lightbox for XPS Launch Celebration

Art Log – Motion, Sound Installation x Lightbox