curriculum vitae


2013 Master of Fine Arts MFA Integrated Media Arts, Hunter College CUNY

2009 Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts BA Film and Media Studies, University of California at Irvine

Selected Exhibitions

2017 Tongue Tide (curated by Christina Freeman and Emireth Herrera), Flux Factory, NYC

2017 Everything is Political. The Politics of Gaming., NieuweVide, Holland

2017 Wall, Street. (solo as The Illuminator), Clifford Gallery, Hamilton, NY

2017 American Drug Culture (curated by Brittany Natale), Wayfarers Gallery, NYC

2016 Signification (curated by Emily Schleiner), A1LabArts, Knoxville, TN

2016 Poemecia (solo), Hunter College Special Project Space, NYC

2016 Emerging Ecologies (curated by Eben Kirksey), Kilroy Metal Ceiling, NYC

2016 AMAZE International Games Festival, Berlin

2016 AgitProp! (as The Illuminator), Brooklyn Museum, NYC

2016 A Call to Place, Rio Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

2015 New Gifts (curated by Sean Justice & Richard Jochum), Macy Gallery, NYC

2014 Re-Fest, CultureHub, NYC

2014 The Multispecies Salon, Babycastles (curated by Eben Kirksey), NYC

2014 Heavily Scripted (curated by Lee Tusman), Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA

2014 Encuentro (as The Illuminator), Centre Phi, Montréal, QC

2014 Welcome to LYFE, Performance Space 122, NYC

2013 IMA Thesis Show group exhibition, Roosevelt House, NYC

2012 Future Migration (curated by Tamara Pittman, Sasha Chavchavadze), Proteus Gowanus, NYC

2012 Dystorpia (curated by Gabriel Roldos), Queens Museum of Art, NYC

Residencies . Awards . Fellowships

2016 Resident, CultureHub; NYC

2016 Resident, Kilroy Metal Ceiling; NYC

2016 Resident (as The Illuminator), Hemispheric Institute; NYC

2016 Jury Selection Award, Japan Media Arts Festival; Tokyo

2015 Resident, Concordia University Hexagram/TAG “Critical Hit ’15”; Montreal

2014 Finalist for Eyebeam’s 2014 Fall Residency; NYC

2014 Resident, Performance Space 122; NYC

2014 Fellow, Epicenter/Frontier Foundation; Green River, Utah

2013 Fellow, New York University Interactive Telecommunications Program, Summer; NYC

Talks . Panels

2017 Artist Talk, Photography, Expanded, Magnum Foundation; NYC, June 8

2017 Artist Talk, Hacking Art, University of California at Santa Cruz; April 20

2017 Artist Talk, Hacking the Urban Environment, Colgate University; Hamilton, NY, February 22

2017 Panel, Right of Refusal, Vera List Center, The New School; October 24

2016 Artist Talk, Hunter Studio MFA; NYC, April 20

2015 Artist Talk, Liberation of the Tools, 205 Hudson St Gallery; NYC, Oct 15

2015 Artist Talk, Place and Revolution, Open Engagement; Carnegie Melon, PA, April 17

2015 Panel, Games as Art, Activism & Representations of the Real, Different Games (NYU); NYC, April 4

2014 Artist Talk, Re-Fest, CultureHub; NYC, November 22

2014 Artist Talk, Word Hack, BabyCastles; NYC, November 18

2014 Artist Talk, SeoulArts Korea; South Korea, October 30

2014 Artist Talk, Urban Interventions, Encuentro Arts Festival; Montreal, QC, June 28

2013 Panel, Alternative Economics and Media, Arts & Labor Alternatives Fair, EYEbeam; NYC, October 19

2012 Artist Talk, Illuminated Interventions, Maker Faire NY; NYC, September 29

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Teaching Positions

2016 – 2017 Visiting Artist, Hunter Studio MFA Program

2014 – 2017 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Physical Computing; Graduate Department of Integrated Media Arts, CUNY Hunter

2013 – 2017 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Game Programming; Department of Film and Media Studies, CUNY Hunter

2013 – 2014 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Web Art; Department of Fine and Performing Arts, CUNY Baruch

2011 – 2013 Adjunct Lecturer, Media Production in the Digital Environment; Department of Film and Media Studies, CUNY Hunter

Publications as Author

“All of Our Grievances Are Connected.” Public Arts Dialog 5.2 (2015): 162-69. Print. (Co-authored with Mark Read)

“The Illuminator” First Person Scholar N.p., 30 Sept. 2015. Web.

“A Moment Outside” Journal of Arts and Humanities 3.1 (2014): 26-32. Print.

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