Our Backyard

Watch a short portrait of Stephen, a founding member of our co-operative.

The Stoop

The starting point for this documentary. Watch the intro animation to get an idea of what this is all about.


Watch some great interviews with amazing co-op members and organizers from different backgrounds.

Free Food!

Come dumpster diving with Dave & David.

Food Co-ops

Co-ops aren't just for living in. Check out the Park Slope Food Co-op and be amazed.


Watch us embarrass ourselves with this song about co-operative living.


Links to more resources about co-operatives and intentional communities.


Learn about the mind behind Community Living.


Thanks to our donors and blah blah blah blah blahada das dasd .

Food and Finance

One common motivation for starting a co-op is to save money and eat better food. Aimee explains how this is possible.

We were lucky to have the chance to speak to a variety of folks at the NASCO institute about co-operatives. Watch the videos to learn why they choose to be involved in the co-op movement.
NASCO (North American Students of Cooperation) is the largest co-op organization in North America. It's an association with thousands of members with the goal of networking co-ops and providing resources for its members and beyond.

Intentional Communities is an online magazine, "providing resources for starting a community, finding a community home, living in community, and creating more community in your life."

The Park Slope Food Co-op is evidence that co-ops thrive large scale. With over 30,000 active members, PSFC feeds many Brooklynites organic food at the lowest possible prices thanks to its membership model.

Solidarity NYC is an incredible website devoted to worker cooperatives and cooperative business models. It even has an interactive map for your pleasure.

Twin Oaks is a housing co-op that's been around for decades. They have over 100 members and use time banking to divide labor. Their member base is so large that they get group rates on health insurance, help some members pay off their student loans, and more.
Hey. My name is Grayson Earle and I made this humble web-documentary in an attempt to raise awareness about something I feel strongly about. Of course I am referring to co-operatives, which take many forms, though I focus here on co-op housing. Sometimes "co-op housing" means something completely different, so many people use the phrase "intentional community" to refer to a specific type of co-op, like the one shown here. The term "co-op" refers to cooperation, meaning that each member has an equal say and things are decided in a truly democratic fashion using consensus. This model works small and large scale, in the house and at work. The United Nations actually deemed 2012 the "Year of the Co-op" and given the state of the economy, it seems urgent to spread the word about co-ops so that folks can save money while feeling empowered, all the while building community with a greater number of individuals.

So please, take a look around and tell me what you think. You can visit my personal website here.
This web-documentary is actually long overdue. It began as a Kickstarter project two years ago for which we received about $1300 to take a trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan which holds the largest co-op summit in the US every year. We talked to tons of people and learned a lot. This project simply would not exist without the generous donations of the following people. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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