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238, green river

238 is a collection of work I produced during a residency in Green River, Utah. Flag/Land I spent some time trying to think through my feelings on American nationalism while in Green River. On July 4th, I felt the presence of patriotism in a way that has become unfamiliar to me since leaving my conservative […]

ai wei whoops!

[ play it now ] On Sunday, February 16, Maximo Caminero smashed a colored vase that is part of Ai Weiwei‘s “Colored Vases” project. This particular urn had been valued at approximately $1 million USD. He told reporters on the scene that he was inspired by Weiwei’s earlier work “Dropping a Han-Dynasty Urn” in which […]

nsa self portrait

Using the communication protocol outlined by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Program (SETI), I attempt communication with the NSA’s PRISM apparatus by uploading a binary image of myself to the NSA’s webserver repeatedly.

terrorist threat or harmless phrase?

[ play online ] Sometimes referred to as NSA Game, Terrorist Threat or HarmlessPhrase? is a browser-based game in which players discern which of two words or phrases is actually on the government’s naughty list. Winning players are given the opportunity to contribute a false word to the database. Losing players will have an automated […]

nsa haiku

[ view online ] The NSA Haiku Generator utilizes a list of words the NSA and DHS use to monitor our online communications and movements, as well as a list of words maintained by hackers and security experts. The former was gleaned from a Freedom of Information Act request in 2011 and have been reported […]

frog utopia

This work is a proof of concept to show that individual “citizen scientists” are capable of caring for endangered species using retrofit everyday artifacts. This climate controlled and bio-secure tank can only hold a few adult frogs and since it does not contain standing water the frogs will not breed. Building on the spirit of […]

color organisms

An experiment in genetic algorithms, the environment has a set of basic rules and the organisms likewise exhibit simple behavior. The environment is populated with a few organisms to get things going, and once they reach “maturity” they are able to combine their genetic material with another organisms if they are also mature. Organisms have […]