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ceremony of innocence

A 150 pound block of ice melts into an oil drum. Inside the drum is the symbol for Earth. Projected through the ice is the emerging extinction symbol which begins as visible in the ice block. As the ice melts, legibility is gradually shifted to the wall, and the symbol is made clear. Made in […]

the illuminator

The Illuminator is a collaborative political art project which was created in the context of Occupy Wall Street. Conceptually we are a counter-spectacle tactical media machine, materially we are a group with a van and a huge projector. One of my roles in the group is to develop open source tools for us and anyone […]

tax deductible expenses

Tax Deductible Expenses is a performance piece that transforms mundane purchases into tax deductible expenses by performing and recording the act of consumption. In this way, an artist could theoretically write off her purchases in totality. It’s intended as a criticism of corporate tax dodging, but also a potential prefigurative future tactic. All the trips […]

protest generator

Gallery visitors are invited to contribute by writing a protest sign, inserting it into the scanner, then see an avatar holding their sign march across the screen. This is instant, but the sign is also drawn at random throughout the duration of the show. As more visitors participate, the protest goes from a trickle to […]

launch a banker

A video game that allows players to launch a banker out of a cannon and into a jail cell. Trampolines assist in this endeavor. play online now or download for free at the AppStore


In 2014 I traveled to Bluffdale, Utah during an artist residence in a nearby town. There, I visited the NSA Data Center to simply behold it with my own eyes. As Arendt could have predicted, the cluster of buildings were drab and scarcely visible from the perimeter fence adjacent to the highway. I gathered some […]


PPR! is a multiplayer game influenced by our collective experiences as both participants and spectators in the Maple Spring in Quebec, the Indignado Movement in Spain, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York, and the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong. The incongruous elements of humor, violence, confusion, and collective action which find unlikely intersections […]


WURM is a two-player cooperative, experimental game. It is a collaboration between myself, Mónica Rikić, Jessica Blanchet, Dawn Hang Yue Wong and Peter van Haaften. It was created during our residency at Hexagram/TAG at Concordia University in Summer 2015. For more details visit the official wurm project website  


LYFE™ is the culmination of a year long residency with PS-122, a collaboration lead by Eliot Krimskey of Glass Ghost. We have so far performed three iterations of the show, first at the Chain Theater, and the second and third at Lincoln Center. I created the interactive/visual components of the show with Alex Reeves. We […]