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Diet was an immersive installation directed by Matt Starr. We were asked by Diesel to fill out the bigger half of a brand activation space, but were given total creative control. By over-identifying the ideological elements of branding, Diet was born as a tongue-in-cheek intervention and party. Role: Technical director, installation, rolling 200 Diet cigarettes

weekend with bernie

Weekend with Bernie was a weekend long art show instigated by Matt Starr. We converted Wayfarer’s Gallery in Brooklyn into a popup political campaign event for Bernie Sanders presidential bid. The show featured artwork from two dozen American artists, a massive sculpture of Bernie’s head, a Bernie Bodega which ran on Bernie Bux, a marching […]

Panorama Music Festival – All City Express

The All City Express (A.C.E.), an interactive art installation at Panorama pays homage to graffiti art’s NYC roots while looking towards its virtual future by combining cutting-edge motion capture technology and life-size high-definition video displays to reimagine the Top to Bottom for the digital age. Developed by AST Studios with Tangible Interaction. Curation by Meres One and […]

Dell Lightbox

In 2014, Dell contacted me, Matt Starr, and Jack Langerman to create an experience at the Lightbox in Lower Manhattan. It was a weekend-long party that featured Dell’s new 4k touchscreen laptops. We created a Kinect-driven 3d gif booth, an interactive room which tracked the optical flow of participants to create beautiful visual art, an […]