bail bloc

Bail Bloc is a computer program that bails people out of jail. Volunteers can download the application to any desktop or laptop computer. The app runs in the background of everyday use, mining a cryptocurrency called Monero. The rewards from mining are exchanged for $USD and donated directly to the Bronx Freedom Fund, which uses 100% of the money to pay bail for low income, marginalized individuals.

Research has shown that being able to afford bail increases the likelihood of winning a case taken to trial by 40%. Bail not only allows people to be released from pre-trial detention, but also serves to increase the number of cases dismissed.

I came up with the idea for Bail Bloc and acted as co-project-lead with Maya Binyam. Maya, Sam Lavigne, JB Rubinovitz, Francis Tseng, Rachel Rosenfelt, and Maddy Varner co-created the project with me.

Read more about the project and join the bloc at