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Diet was an immersive installation directed by Matt Starr. We were asked by Diesel to fill out the bigger half of a brand activation space, but were given total creative control. By over-identifying the ideological elements of branding, Diet was born as a tongue-in-cheek intervention and party. Role: Technical director, installation, rolling 200 Diet cigarettes

weekend with bernie

Weekend with Bernie was a weekend long art show instigated by Matt Starr. We converted Wayfarer’s Gallery in Brooklyn into a popup political campaign event for Bernie Sanders presidential bid. The show featured artwork from two dozen American artists, a massive sculpture of Bernie’s head, a Bernie Bodega which ran on Bernie Bux, a marching […]

July 13, 2017

Colgate University published the lecture I gave back in February. It traces my involvement in The Illuminator as well as a few personal projects. Big thanks to Eli Horwatt for putting that together, as well as our solo show, and the upcoming collaborative written work “All of Our Grievances Are Connected.”

Panorama Music Festival – All City Express

The All City Express (A.C.E.), an interactive art installation at Panorama pays homage to graffiti art’s NYC roots while looking towards its virtual future by combining cutting-edge motion capture technology and life-size high-definition video displays to reimagine the Top to Bottom for the digital age. Developed by AST Studios with Tangible Interaction. Curation by Meres One and […]

Dell Lightbox

In 2014, Dell contacted me, Matt Starr, and Jack Langerman to create an experience at the Lightbox in Lower Manhattan. It was a weekend-long party that featured Dell’s new 4k touchscreen laptops. We created a Kinect-driven 3d gif booth, an interactive room which tracked the optical flow of participants to create beautiful visual art, an […]

July 1, 2017

Sat down to talk with Michael Shaw for The Conversation podcast. It was a great chat and if it tickles your fancy you can listen to it here. Ep. # 194: Brooklyn-based artist Grayson Earle “eats a burrito while talking to himself a little” and tax deducts it, embraces chaos, and gets arrested for projecting […]

the illuminator

The Illuminator is a collaborative political art project which was created in the context of Occupy Wall Street. Conceptually we are a counter-spectacle tactical media machine, materially we are a group with a van and a huge projector. One of my roles in the group is to develop open source tools for us and anyone […]

tax deductible expenses

Tax Deductible Expenses is a performance piece that transforms mundane purchases into tax deductible expenses by performing and recording the act of consumption. In this way, an artist could theoretically write off her purchases in totality. It’s intended as a criticism of corporate tax dodging, but also a potential prefigurative future tactic. All the trips […]