• bail bloc (2017)
    a computer program that bails people out of jail using cryptocurrency
  • the illuminatorthe illuminator (2017)
    a guerrilla video projection vehicle w/ hundreds of interventions
  • ceremony of innocence (2017)
    a 150 pound block of ice melts into an oil drum, revealing an image in light
  • wurm (2017)
    a multiplayer, experimental, wearable, mixed reality, cooperative game… in space
  • brooklyn gazebrooklyn gaze (2017)
    an interactive post-it note installation on the facade of the brooklyn public library
  • tax deductible expensestax deductible expenses (2017)
    a performance piece that transforms mundane purchases into tax deductible expenses by performing and recording the act of consumption
  • banker drop (2017)
    bankers pile up on a precarious platform
  • protest generatorprotest generator (2017)
    gallery goers insert themselves into a virtual protest
  • launch a bankerlaunch a banker (2016)
    an arcade/mobile game that is exactly what it sounds like
  • poemeciapoemecia (2016)
    microbes create poetry out of sensitive search terms
  • P.P.R.! (2015)
    like dance, dance, revolution! but with more revolution
  • lyfelyfe (2015)
    an interactive performance piece that mines its audiences’ social media; led by eliot krimsky