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  • tax deductible expenses

    Tax Deductible Expenses is a performance piece that transforms mundane purchases into tax deductible expenses by performing and recording the act of consumption. In this way, an artist could theoretically write off her purchases in totality. It’s intended as a criticism of corporate tax dodging, but also a potential prefigurative future tactic. All the trips to Mar a Lago and wars in the Middle East can’t happen without tax revenue, after all.

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  • protest generator

    Gallery visitors are invited to contribute by writing a protest sign, inserting it into the scanner, then see an avatar holding their sign march across the screen. This is instant, but the sign is also drawn at random throughout the duration of the show. As more visitors participate, the protest goes from a trickle to a torrent.

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    Signs accumulate over time and act as the political residue of participants. While certain signs fall out of step with leftist philosophy, such signs are typically overwhelmed by opposition, creating a dialectical dialogue in which participants have real agency.

  • January 28, 2017

    Tonight in solidarity against the Muslim Ban


  • November 28, 2016

    Projected with Laura Poitras tonight onto a very interesting building in Manhattan. Check out the full story here.


  • November 20, 2016

    Busy working on turning Launch a Banker into a public arcade.

    In the meantime, refusing Trump’s presidency.